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Builder/Developer Relations

If you are beginning a construction project or upgrading existing electric and/or gas facilities, choose the project description and enter the zip code for the area you are developing or renovating.

The contact person for the area will coordinate your utility installation and guide you through the process.

New Residential Developments (Subdivisions and Multi-Family)

Enter Zip Code:

New and Existing Electric — Residential and Commercial Sites

Enter Zip Code:

Gas Emergencies / Gas Odor / Gas Leaks
(502) 589-1444, Outside Louisville: 1-800-331-7370

New and Existing Natural Gas Services

Enter Zip Code:

New Commercial and Residential Gas Main Extensions

Enter Zip Code:

Contact By Phone

If you prefer to call for assistance, the information below will ensure you reach the LG&E employee who can help you with your project:

    For project status updates and a directory of Design and Contract Services, call 502-333-1864.

    To reach Dave French, LG&E's Louisville Homebuilders Association representative, call 502-627-4783.
     Dave serves as the liaison between LG&E and the Louisville Homebuilders Association.

    For issues related to Design and Engineering, contact:

     Henry Ford - East Operations Center Team Leader (East of Bardstown Road) - 502-333-1917
     Henry's group includes electric service locators, overhead/underground design group and contract coordinators.

     Mark Gaynor - Auburndale Operations Center Team Leader (West of Bardstown Road) - 502-364-8228
     Mark's group includes electric service locators, gas design services and commercial/residential designers.

     Shannon Montgomery - Manager, Engineering Design Services - 502-333-1818

Call 811 before you dig.

Before you dig, call Kentucky 811 and they will coordinate with Kentucky 811 member utilities in your area to have underground utility lines marked at no cost to you.

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