Corporate Responsibility

Employee planting a tree seedlingLG&E and KU are focused on our commitment to corporate responsibility (CR).

Simply, put, CR is about how we do business and how we engage with society. While our company's goal is to achieve excellence in our business performance, this can only be accomplished if our plans and actions are compatible with the needs of our employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and our communities.

The company already has a long history of corporate responsibility. We are recognized as an excellent corporate citizen, proudly invested in our communities and steadfastly committed to environmental stewardship. We continuously pursue excellence in customer satisfaction and promote employee health, safety and employee volunteerism. Our leadership is committed to guiding this company with the integrity and accountability our customers expect.

Corporate responsibility is reflected in five areas of activity: Corporate Governance, Marketplace, Environment, Workplace and Community.

Our environmental efforts include the Environmental Champions Program, an internal initiative to help employees save energy and reduce waste; and Plant for the Planet, designed to encourage nonprofit organizations with a record of successful tree planting to continue their efforts.

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