Utility Costs

Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities (LG&E and KU) provides total customer satisfaction with low-cost, high-value energy services.

Utility Overview
Customers Served: 395,312 (elec.); 319,067 (gas) 512,140* (elec.)
Service Area (counties): 16 in Ky 77 in KY
Bond Rating: A3/BBB A3/BBB
Regulated By: Ky. PSC Ky. PSC

Electric Business
(12 Months ENDED December 31, 2013)
Avg. Price** per Kwh LG&E KU
Residential 9.75¢ 8.99¢
Commercial 8.95¢ 8.92¢
Industrial 6.45¢ 5.65¢
Generating Capacity (Winter/Summer) 2,537MW/2,523MW 3,251MW/3,220MW
2013 Peak Load (Winter/Summer) 2,096 MW/2,852 MW 5,068 MW/4,354 MW
Generation Source
Coal 96.62% 97.90%
Natural Gas 1.14% 1.60%
Hydro 1.25% 0.50%

Gas Business
(12 Months ENDED December 31, 2013)
Gas Deliveries (Thousands Of Mcf) LG&E
Sales 33,601
Transport 12,309
Total 45,910
Average Price Per Mcf Sold
Residential $9.89
Commercial $8.20
Industrial $7.05
Underground Storage Capability                    25.90 Billion Cu.Ft.
* Kentucky only

** Price/Kwh includes fuel adjustment clause, environmental cost recovery, demand side management. Fees not included are the Franchise Fee, School Tax and State Sales Tax.

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