Environmental Stewardship

hand holding green globeClean energy isn't a new concept for LG&E and KU. Environmental excellence is part of our legacy. It began in the early 1920s, when we explored ways to remove ash from coal burned to generate electricity. Our environmental initiatives continued into the 1970s, when Louisville Gas and Electric helped to develop environmental scrubbers and then installed one of the nation's first at its Paddy's Run plant in 1973.

Over the last century, we have worked hard to establish one of the finest environmental records in the utility industry, winning national and international recognition for our pioneering emission control measures and other environmental initiatives. We have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to reduce emissions, while increasing generation to meet the growing energy needs of our customers.

Today, we continue to make tremendous progress in finding innovative ways to meet one of our greatest challenges — that of protecting and preserving the environmental resources we all share. This commitment goes far beyond compliance with the environmental laws and regulations governing our industry. It encompasses a broader obligation to conduct our business as responsible stewards of the environment by investing in cleaner and more efficient generation and emission controls, funding research and development, and promoting energy efficiency programs for our customers.

We continually strive to ensure that everything we do is environmentally responsible and that our employees understand their individual responsibility for protecting the environment. We work hard to foster open and constructive relationships with our government, community and customers for opportunities to protect and preserve the environment and combat global climate change for generations to come.

Falcon Cam

LG&E and Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources have the state's first peregrine falcon web camera, located at Mill Creek Generating Station.

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Natural Gas Vehicles

We recently added a compressed natural gas-powered vehicle (NGV) to our vehicle fleet at Magnolia Gas Compressor Station, located near Magnolia, Kentucky.

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