Call Before You Dig. It's the Law!

Kentucky law requires excavators to contact operators of underground utilities before performing any excavation work.

When you call Kentucky 811, they coordinate with Kentucky 811 member utilities in your area to have underground utility lines marked. This work is performed at no cost to you.

A "locate request" goes out to member utilities, including those who provide natural gas, electric, telephone, cable and water service. Crews either mark their underground facilities or notify the excavator they have no underground lines in the area.

LG&E is a Kentucky 811 member utility in all of the areas it serves. KU is a Kentucky 811 member only in certain areas of its service territory.

If you are an LG&E customer, dial 8-1-1 before performing any excavation work. Kentucky 811 will notify us of the need to locate any underground electric and/or natural gas lines we have in the area.

If you are a KU customer, select your county from the dropdown list below to find out if you need to contact KU or Kentucky 811 to have your underground electric lines marked.

Call 8-1-1 or KU at least two business days before performing any excavation work. This will ensure sufficient time for operators of underground facilities to mark their lines to protect excavators and the general public and preserve the reliability of any underground facilities.

Markings are completed by using paint or flags according to the standard color code system:

    = Electric

    = Gas, oil or steam

    = Telephone or television

    = Water

    = Sewer

    = Temp survey mark

    = Proposed excavation