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Online account registration offers you safe and secure access anytime day or night to your account information. Sign in or register now and you'll instantly be able to:
How to register

Registering your account is easy, especially when you have a copy of your bill in front of you. Most of the information we request during the registration process can be found right on your bill.

If you have questions while you're registering your account, watch our step-by-step demo which can help you complete the process.
How to reset/change password

Want to reset or change the password you use to sign in to your account? Sign in and select the "Profile" option on the left to reset or change your password whenever you like.
How to update account information
(email address, telephone number, account number)

To change your email address or update your account information, sign in and select the "Profile" option on the left.
Access bills

You can register additional accounts and use your User ID and Password to access them.

Once registered, sign in to your account and select the "Register Another Account" link on the accounts page.

You'll be asked to enter the Account Number, Billing Zip Code and Primary Phone Number for the account you are registering.
View billing history

View your current and previous bills when you sign in and select the "View Billing History" option under the "My Bill" link on the left. You can view a summary of each bill or view a PDF of your actual bill. Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF.
View usage history

View up to 36 months of your usage history in table or graph format. Either way, you'll find the billing date, usage amount, the amount of your bill, number of days in the billing period and the average temperature for the billing period.

Perfect for customers who want to compare their usage to previous months or years. Also, ideal for customers who are selling their home so they can show realtors or prospective buyers how much energy their home used over time.