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Business Office Locations

NOTE: Business office hours vary by location. Please check with your local office to learn their hours of operation.

Barlow: 137 S. Fourth St.
Campbellsville: 109 W. Main St.
Carrollton: 215 Eleventh St.
Danville: 198 W. Broadway
Earlington: 111 W. Main St.
Eddyville: 219 W. Main St.
Elizabethtown: 242 W. Dixie Ave.
Georgetown: 205 W. Clinton St.
Harlan: 184 Bank Dr.
Lexington: One Quality Street
London: 611 Myers Baker Road
Maysville: 215 Wall St.
Middlesboro: 2201 Cumberland Ave.
Morehead: 138 N. Blair Ave.
Morganfield: 2800 US Highway 60 East
Mt. Sterling: 209 W. Locust St.
Greenville: 380 Airport Rd., Greenville
Paris: 1445 S. Main St.
Richmond: 200 E. Water St.
Shelbyville: 1100 Main St.
Somerset: 306 N. Main St.
Versailles: 250 Crossfield Drive
Winchester: 308 W. Lexington St.
Norton, VA: 1000 Park Ave., NW
Pennington Gap, VA: 42311 E. Morgan Ave.

Don't have a business office nearby? Try one of our Authorized Pay Agents or call KU/ODP Customer Service toll-free at (800) 981-0600, Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm.

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