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line worker on a broken poleSnow, ice storms, and thunderstorms with high winds can severely damage an electric system. When objects, like tree limbs and animals come in contact with a power line, automatic breakers and other protection devices shut off the flow of electricity. Any customer connected to that particular circuit will lose power until we make the necessary repairs and reset the equipment.

During severe weather situations, tree branches or entire trees may fall onto power lines, knocking down spans of power lines and numerous poles. Sometimes entire spans of electric line must be rebuilt, which can be time-consuming and dangerous for our crews, and it may mean your power is out for longer durations.

Our line crews cannot always immediately detect the damage or problem. Our employees many times are forced to spend a great deal of time walking the route of the circuit to assess the damage and determine approximate restoration times.

By reporting power outages to us, you can help our crews locate the problem and restore service more quickly. Below you'll find convenient information and valuable tips for what you can do if the power goes out.

To report or inquire about power outages or to report downed power lines:

If the situation is dangerous or life threatening, call 911.

To help you report your outage as quickly as possible, we use an automated outage reporting system. When you call, our automated system will prompt you to enter your telephone number, and the system will verify the service address so we can quickly record the outage report into our system. This system also helps us determine the areas affected and how widespread the outage may be so we can more efficiently assign our crews and restore service.

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