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Give to WinterCare

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Heating Assistance Programs
When you need assistance — paying your bill or making your home more energy efficient — we want to help you find the assistance you need, so we put together a list of community agencies available to you.

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KU matches customers' donations to the WinterCare Energy Assistance Fund. You can donate to this fund by:

  • Adding the amount of your donation to your payment each month when you pay your KU bill.
  • Forwarding a donation directly to KU.

To ensure your donation is matched by KU, forward a check or money order addressed to:

Kentucky Utilities Company
ATTN: Customer Commitment Department
P.O. Box 32010
Louisville, KY 40232

KU will match your donation and forward the entire amount directly to the agencies who administer the funds. KU plays no part in determining who qualifies for assistance.

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