Tips for navigating renewable energy programs

There are various ways interested customers can support renewable energy in Kentucky and across our region. We offer several programs that are customizable, allowing you to choose your subscription level and the program that best suits your interests.

Other third-party services, which are not endorsed by LG&E and KU, are also available to customers.

But, how do you know which option to choose?

Available programs

  • Green Energy Program 
    Support nearby renewable energy operators. Currently, participants are supporting wind energy operators in our region.
  • Solar Share Program 
    Help build a new proposed solar facility and grow local solar for our community.

Things to consider

Purchase guarantee

Before committing to a program, first make sure all renewable energy certificates (RECs) are registered, tracked and retired. Learn more about RECs.

Renewable generators register RECs with a certificate-based tracking system. The registration assures that a REC’s ownership can be verified and tracked.

All RECs purchased through our Green Energy Program are registered through the Generation Attribute Tracking System through PJM or the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System, and then retired. This guarantees a customer maintains ownership of the environmental benefits of that specific REC and knows they have helped grow renewable energy for our region.


LG&E and KU’s programs are provided at cost, where other third-party services may charge users additional fees for using their service.

For our Green Energy Program, monies contributed by customers go to buying RECs and provide a small amount to educate customers about the program. We guarantee a minimum of 300 kilowatt-hours for each monthly $5 contribution, and we will always work to maximize the value for our customers.

In fact, each $5 contribution is currently averaging 6 to 7 times more than the minimum purchase per month. Learn more about our most current purchases.


As a public utility, our programs and services are subject to oversight by the Kentucky Public Service Commission. While the Solar Share Program is relatively new, the Green Energy Program also is certified annually by Green-e, providing customers with added assurance and peace of mind.

The renewable power market is a voluntary market, and it can be difficult when purchasing RECs to know whether you are buying credible products from credible suppliers.

The EPA recommends buying renewable power products that are third-party certified and verified. Learn more about the EPA Green Power Partnership.

Protection of your personal information

Customers who participate in our programs will enroll through an authorized company contact channel, either by completing an online form on the corporate website or calling. Once enrolled, the subscription fee appears on the customer’s monthly bill.

For your personal protection, we strongly recommend customers do not share their personal information or their account login credentials with a third-party service.

Providing My Account login information to third parties gives others access to personal information and a variety of information and services designed only for customers.

Customers are ultimately responsible for paying their own utility bill and should obtain proper assurances before allowing anyone other than the account holder to serve as the pay agent for their bill.

Review these safety tips to protect your personal information.