Weather and its impact on your utility bill

Posted | October 15, 2018

As we transition from summer heat to the cooler days of fall, take note of how the change in temperatures can impact your bill.

This past summer was a scorcher. In Louisville, the National Weather Service reported there were 20 days in August with above normal temps and at least nine of those days were in the 90s. Across Kentucky, the trend was similar. Louisville was also the 5th rainiest August ever. All total, there were more than 50 days this summer with high temperatures above 90 degrees.

Now that those hot days are behind us, and fall brings in cooler temperatures, we can enjoy the milder weather. But, winter is just around the corner, which means turning up the thermostat to keep youR home warm and cozy. 

Cold weather and your energy bill

Last winter, the region experienced several days of sub-freezing temperatures and, as a result, people saw a spike in their monthly bills. That’s because the frigid temperatures have a major impact on your HVAC system, your energy usage and your heating bill. 

The amount of energy to heat a home rises sharply in time of extreme cold. The cold temperatures force your HVAC system to work overtime to heat your home. This weather calendar is a helpful tool to compare temperatures to that of the previous year, and illustrates when there are several days of extreme temperatures, which can ultimately impact your energy bill.

How can you prepare for cold weather, and still try to keep your energy bill manageable? There are a number of energy-saving tips you can follow to keep your home as energy efficient as possible and help save costs. LG&E and KU also offers a Budget Payment Plan to help customers better anticipate their monthly bills by averaging out a customer’s payment over a 12-month period.

Heating assistance programs

We encourage you to contact us right away if you find yourself faced with a bill you don’t think you’ll be able to manage. We can help customers identify available programs that can help you manage your bills, as well as other area assistance programs and options available in the community.

  • LG&E Community WinterHelp, KU WinterCare Energy Assistance Fund and WinterShare Fund offered by Old Dominion Power (ODP), the name under which KU operates in Virginia – are operated by area third-party nonprofit organizations.
  • The agencies make this financial assistance available to community members who may be struggling this winter to pay their heating bills.
  • The company matches customer donations to these programs.

LG&E customers should call 502-589-1444; KU customers should call 800-981-0600 Customers can also visit to find more information on available resources.