Electric vehicles and charging stations

Empowering your commute.
  • Supporting electric vehicle (EV) drivers through improved accessibility
  • Helping reduce your transportation environmental footprint
  • Connecting you with tools and information
  • Highlighting the lower maintenance, financial benefits and and convenience of EVs
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LG&E and KU Offerings

Learn about our charging station services, both in public access areas and for business customers interested in hosting charging stations.

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Facts about electric vehicles

Learn about range, cost, operating costs, maintenance and emissions. 

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Find Chargers

Locate charging stations near you.

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Charging at home

Charging at home

We work with customers who purchase an electric vehicle to make sure we're meeting their needs and check if they may require modifications to the electric service feeding their home or business. We also continually assess how changes in customers' electric usage might impact our system.

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Rebates & tax credits

Save even more with helpful rebates and tax credits.

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Alternate Rates

With LG&E and KU’s low energy rates, charging at home is equivalent to paying approximately 85 cents per gallon at the pump. Based on your energy-use habits, EV owners could save even more with our Time-of-Day rate options.